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Pipe bending is playing a huge role in the shale gas and unconventional oil energy revolution. Houston Pipe Benders is actively supporting the booming activities in Eagle Ford, Bakken and Marcellus, where our pipe bends are typically used within gathering systems and feeder lines.

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Eagle Ford
South Texas

The Eagle Ford Shale is significantly important due to its capability of producing gas, as well as more oil than other traditional shale plays, according to the Railroad Commission of Texas. “The rail play trends across Texas from the Mexican border up to East Texas, roughly 50 miles wide and 400 miles long with an average thickness of 250 feet.”


Permian Formation
Western Texas & Southeastern New Mexico

The land area over the Permian Basin covers more than 75,000 square miles in 43 counties of western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. However, more than half of the rigs that have been added in the Permian are concentrated in just five counties: Reeves, Loving, Midland, and Martin counties in Texas and Lea County in New Mexico.


Marcellus Shale
Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Eastern Ohio

Interest in Marcellus is increasing as more becomes known about the formation. According to the Department of the Interior, recent exploration and the efforts of oil and gas companies to produce gas from the shale are leading experts to say that as much as 31 trillion cubic feed of gas may be recoverable from Marcellus.

Bending for the Oil Industry

Custom pipe bends offer better flow characteristics and eliminate countless welds over factory elbows or forged fittings. Plus, pipe bends are a basic necessity if smart pigs are deployed throughout the system.

All products from Houston Pipe Benders are manufactured in the safest possible environment, adhere to the highest quality standards and include industry leading customers service.

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