Houston Pipe Benders services international projects on five continents and we ship worldwide.

Exacting Standards

Our operations are capable of working with a range of materials up to 36″ in diameter and offer cold bending, hot bending and coiling together with non-destructive examination procedures (VT, UT, RT, MT, PT and Pressure Testing). We routinely perform work to national codes and industry standards.


  • Energy: Gas/Oil/Liquid Transportation & Distribution, Power Piping, Boiler & Furnace Tubes
  • Offshore/Subsea: Risers, Pull Tubes, Flow Lines, Choke & Kill Lines, Rope Guards and Grout Rings
  • Process Piping: Water, Steam, Process Systems, FCCU “U” Bends, Furnace-Heater Piping, Sparger Rings, Pneumatic Conveying
  • Structural: Buildings, Bridges, Signage, Amusement Parks, Architectural Interest, Guard Rails, Bollards


Bending Capabilities

Method Shapes1 Thickness Radius Degree
Hot2 2″ to 36″ 0.109″ to 3″ 3″ to 90′ ≤180°
Cold3 1/8″ to 8″ 0.109″ to 3/4″ 1″ to Unlimited 360° (i.e. coiling)
  1.   Round/Half-Round/Square/Rectangular/Structural Shapes
  2.   Induction Heating with/without water quench/Locally applied heat
  3.   Ambient Temperature: Rotary Draw/Ram/Roll/Incremental



  • Carbon Steel
  • High Yield Steel
  • High Strength & Low Alloy Steel
  • Chrome Moly Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel and Nickel Base Alloy
  • Titanium & Titanium Base Alloy
  • Zirconium & Zirconium Base Alloy
  • Aluminum & Aluminum Base Alloy
  • Copper & Copper Base Alloy
  • Clad or Weld Overlay


Machining Capabilities

  • Bevel
  • Taper Bore
  • Counter Bore
  • Face
  • Victaulic Groove
  • Drilling


Heat Treat Capabilities

Interior furnace dimensions are 23’ L x 8’ – 6” W x 3’ – 4” H. We can heat treat to a maximum temperature of 1350° F.


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