High quality induction and cold bending with a wide range of materials.


Houston Pipe Benders services international projects on five continents and we ship worldwide.

Induction bending is a controlled means of bending pipe by applying high frequency induced electrical power to a localized area. As the correct bending temperature is reached, the pipe is moved slowly through the induction coil as bending pressure is applied by the radius arm.

Cold bending utilizes bend dies and mechanical force to form the pipe to the desired shape. Houston Pipe Benders uses several cold bending techniques including rotary draw, col-roll form, and ram bending.


Houston Pipe Benders is well-experienced in a wide variety of materials including carbon steels, stainless steels, high nickel alloys, and other materials.

Bends vs. Fittings

Induction bends are extremely cost effective and have flexible production and delivery when design or construction changes occur.

bends vs fittings

Houston Pipe Benders Capabilities Guide

Download our handy Bending Capabilities Guide, which includes information on minimum and maximum dimensions for induction (hot) and cold bending, the range of materials that we can bend, our fabrication specs, QA testing options and more.

Houston Pipe Benders Capabilities Guide

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