Bends vs. Fittings

Bends offer better flow characteristics and fewer welds.

Custom pipe bends offer better flow characteristics and eliminate countless welds over factory elbows or forged fittings. Plus, pipe bends are a basic necessity if smart pigs are deployed throughout the system.

20″ 3D vs. 6D – Material Utilization

Bend Angle Radius Arc Length C/E Tan A Tan B O.A.L. Material Saved
3D (red) 90° 5′-0″ (3D) 7′-10 1/4″ 5′-0″ 7′-0″ 7′-0″ 21′-10 1/4″ N/A
6D (blue) 90° 10′-0″ (3D) 15′-8 1/2″ 10′-0″ 2′-0″ 2′-0″ 19′-8 1/2″ 2′-1 3/4″

Benefits Include

Fittings are forged, mass produced products that cannot be custom ordered very easily.

Fittings typically have limited angles and limited radii.

A general misconception is that the cost is lower for a mass produced compared to a custom product; in the case of pipe fittings this is not necessarily true.



Induction Bends

Custom Angles

Custom Radius

Better Piggability

Coated before bends ship

No PUP’s needed for install

Entire bend including tangents can be made from mother pipe


(2) Extra Welds to add PUP

Extra cost to purchase PUP

(2) Extra Welds to X-Ray

Need additional 12′ line pipe to cover same span

Extra logistics with PUP’s

Houston Pipe Benders Capabilities Guide

Download our handy Bending Capabilities Guide, which includes information on minimum and maximum dimensions for induction (hot) and cold bending, the range of materials that we can bend, our fabrication specs, QA testing options and more.

Houston Pipe Benders Capabilities Guide

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