We service customers in a wide range of industries.

Houston Pipe Benders is committed to providing high quality, world class products and services along with the best customer and technical support in the industry.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Ship Piping, Fire Suppression Systems, Launch Systems

Energy Pipelines

Gas/Oil/Liquid Transportation & Distribution, Power Piping, Boiler & Furnace Tubes

Environment & Structural

Construction and architectural; Buildings, Bridges, Amusement Parks, public artwork, bike lockups, signage


Bollards, barriers, guardrails

Process Piping

Water, Steam, Process Systems, FCCU ā€œUā€ Bends, Furnace-Heater Piping, Sparger Rings, Pneumatic Conveying


Risers, Pull Tubes, Flow Lines, Choke & Kill Lines, Rope Guards and Grout Rings

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