Jun 29, 2016Declare Independence from Fittingsby Editor

Old Glory

As the United States celebrates another Independence Day, it’s a good time to talk about big ideas like freedom and choice. For any business that uses pipe and structural steel in its projects, the idea of freedom comes down to a simple decision that many companies make without much thought: custom bends versus fittings. To be sure, fittings have a role in projects, but custom bends offer a level of flexibility that fittings can never entirely satisfy.


One Size Fits All?

Fittings are forged, mass produced products that cannot be custom ordered very easily. They typically have limited angles – such as 30°, 45° or 90° – and limited radii. Finding the right size fitting in the right material can be time consuming, costly and limited to stock on hand in a warehouse or parts center. Instead of conforming to the limitations of fittings, custom bends bring a wider range of options. It’s easier to route pipe around property lines and built in place structures.


Custom Bends are Cost Competitive

When you think of something as being mass produced versus custom created, you tend to think of the mass produced product as being less expensive but in the case of pipe fittings this is not necessarily true.


Engineering the Right Solution

Anyone who has had to work around the constraints of a fitting can attest to the benefits of custom bends. Not only do fittings require extra welds – which may need additional quality control measures (such as x-rays) – they also are typically heavier and incur additional agency scrutiny due to counterbore/transition issues at the fitting/pup or fitting connection. Custom bends can be welded straight to a pipeline without additional work and pipe ends can be tapered to match line pipe for easier fitup. In figure 1.0 below, we can see a comparison for a 5D Bend with 2’ Tangent and a 3D Fitting with No Tangent.

Sep 30, 2015The Differences Between Pipe Bends and Pipe Fittingsby Editor

9.16.15-The Difference Between Pipe Bends and Pipe Fittings

Here at Houston Pipe Benders®, we often hear the same question, ”What is the difference between a pipe bend and a pipe fitting?” So we’ve decided to answer it for once and for all; keep reading for the definitive answer to the bends versus fittings questions. More

Sep 16, 2015Houston Pipe Benders® Helps Bring Artistic Vision to Lifeby Editor

8.28.15- Houston Pipe Benders Helps Bring Artistic Vision to Life Header Photo

Many of the bends that Houston Pipe Benders® manufactures are buried and not seen, but occasionally the bends are used to create magnificent artwork. More

Sep 2, 20154 Essential Components of the Pipe Bending Processby Editor

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Raise your hand if your company uses pipe bends. What do you really know about that process? Sure, you know they’re a necessary part of your business and that you expect quality work but there’s more to it than that. Houston Pipe Benders® knows how important it is that purchasing managers be as informed as possible during the decision making process. It’s the reason we’ve prepared this handy guide outlining the four essential components of the pipe bending process. More

Aug 14, 2015Houston Pipe Benders® Establishes Forecasted Inventory Program to Reduce Lead Timeby Editor


Forecasted Inventory Program Header Photo

Houston Pipe Benders’ customized inventory program was developed using a forecast for a large, shale oil project in Eagle Ford to allow for just-in-time production, employing customer-owned inventory.

Aug 5, 2015Why Houston Pipe Benders Has an Employee-Driven Safety Committeeby Editor


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There’s something reassuring about knowing that your pipe bending company is committed to safety – especially if they offer proof of that commitment. That’s the exact reason why we at Houston Pipe Benders formed an employee-driven safety committee. We know how important safety is –not only to our customers but to us and our employees as well – and made a decision to put our money where our mouth is.